Jerry Jeudy's career hits rock bottom with terrible game against Chargers

Maybe, just maybe, Jerry Jeudy isn't good.

Denver Broncos
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After the Denver Broncos Week 13 loss to the Houston Texans, most of Broncos Country seemed to call for Jerry Jeudy to get the ball more. Well, he did get the ball more in Week 14, but had one of the worst games of his career. Is it time to have a conversation about the struggling wide receiver? The first-round pick out of Alabama in 2020 began his career with a pretty strong rookie season.

And after a down year two, he had over 1,000 yards from scrimmage in year three. Coming into year four, many people thought this would be the best year of his career considering he'd be in an offense orchestrated by Sean Payton, who is a genius offensive mind. During Jeudy's career, we've heard every excuse in the book about Jeudy.

The excuses ranged from not having consistent QB play to him simply not being targeted in the passing game enough. And there were valid examples of Jeudy simply not being seen by Russell Wilson. In fact, Russell Wilson missed a potential game-winning touchdown in Week 13. Jeudy was wide open to walk into the endzone. There were also a couple of deep shots in which Jeudy got open that Wilson simply didn't see.

And during the buildup to the Broncos' Week 14 matchup versus the lowly Los Angeles Chargers, I think most of us expected Jeudy to get some work in the passing game. And well, he got several chances for huge plays and simply didn't come through. In fact, this was a horrid game from Jerry Jeudy and perhaps the worst of his young career.

Jerry Jeudy dropped two deep ball passes from Russell Wilson in Week 14. Both passes hit him square in the hands, and the first chance came in the first half and would have all but guaranteed the Broncos at least three points. Jeudy also caught what was initially a touchdown pass, but on review, he failed to get his second foot in bounds.


That would-be touchdown pass was a play that most wide receivers in the NFL make, but Jeudy couldn't drag his second foot. It's just been a frustrating season watching Jeudy, since he can get open with ease, but hasn't taken advantage of those opportunities in the passing game. Maybe, just maybe, Jerry Jeudy isn't that good.

And as of now, I'd be shocked if he was on the Denver Broncos roster in 2024 and beyond.

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