Joe Flacco torments the Denver Broncos yet again

Former Denver Broncos starter Joe Flacco is tormenting the team...again.

Denver Broncos
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The ghosts of quarterbacks past are apparently out to haunt the Denver Broncos in Week 14. The New York Jets (who are actually helping the Broncos by beating the tar out of the Houston Texans) signed former Broncos backup Brett Rypien earlier in the week. Drew Lock is getting his first start as a member of the Seattle Seahawks and his first start since he was a Bronco in 2021. On top of all of that, Joe Flacco is balling as the starting quarterback of the ailing Cleveland Browns.

The Browns, who just played the Broncos (and lost) a couple of weeks ago, are in the midst of a pretty convincing victory at home against the AFC South-leading Jacksonville Jaguars. In case you're not in the know at this point, a Cleveland Browns victory doesn't help the Denver Broncos' playoff hopes. As of the time this post is being written, the game is undoubtedly not over, but Joe Flacco has obviously done his part to put the Jaguars in a deep hole.

He's tormenting the Denver Broncos yet again.

Whether he was playing for the Broncos or someone else, Joe Flacco has made it a habit to torment Denver. Dating back to the 2012 season, Flacco went on an insane run in the playoffs which included a very lucky win in Denver when he was a member of the Baltimore Ravens. That very lucky win included a play which shall not be named, but anyone who sees "Ravens" and "Joe Flacco" in the same sentence knows what I'm talking about.

Then, when the Broncos needed a quarterback in the 2019 offseason, John Elway made one of his worst decisions as an executive by bringing in Flacco as the starter. It was a move that everyone hated from the start, and you get the impression that Flacco could feel the hatred seething from the fan base. He wasn't interested in being a mentor or bridge quarterback that year, and he certainly didn't endear himself to the Denver fan base.

Flacco went 2-6 as the Denver Broncos' starter with six touchdown passes and five interceptions in eight games, along with eight fumbles. Maybe if Flacco had played a handful of games in Denver the way we're seeing him play under Kevin Stefanski in 2023, he might have worked out alright as a Bronco.


Unfortunately, this is just more torture.

Flacco tortured the Broncos as a member of the Ravens. He tortured the Broncos as a member of the Broncos. And now he's tormenting the team once again as the Cleveland Browns's starter.

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