How the Denver Broncos can follow in the footsteps of the Denver Nuggets

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets
Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages
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For Denver Broncos fans that have been waiting quite some time for football season to roll around, the fellow Mile-High City Denver Nuggets just three minutes down the road have certainly been an exciting team to watch if you're a fan of mile-high basketball as well.

The Broncos, being one of the more successful NFL franchises of all time, have appeared in the super bowl a total of eight times, won 15 division titles, and have acquired three super bowl rings since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. Meanwhile, in 2023, the Denver Nuggets have achieved their first-ever Western Conference Championship in franchise history and are just four games away from earning their first ring.

While the Broncos have been the more dominant and popular sports franchise in the city of Denver due to their historic success, it seems the reins have been handed down to the Nuggets following their clean sweep over the highly famed Los Angeles Lakers in the western conference finals. Or... can the entire city of mile-high sports between the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, and the Denver Broncos dominate sports simultaneously? Here's a thing or two the Broncos can take from the Nuggets' recent success to reclaim their dynasty:

Denver Broncos can learn Championship level chemistry

It is without question that the Denver Nuggets have by far the most team chemistry among all teams in the NBA throughout the 2022-23 season and that has especially carried over into the postseason. From passing to defending to coaching to game-planning, the entire Nuggets organization is on the same page through all facets. Something the Broncos have greatly lacked in recent years and especially in 2022.

While you can make the argument that the reason for this is the Broncos constantly bringing in new faces on both the coaching level and in the locker room, the team has not shown signs of any sort of consistency or even identity, to begin with. Sean Payton's leadership and competitive strategies alone will make him an elite game-changer for the complete roster in 2023 and essentially makes him a "12th man" out there for Russell Wilson's offense. While Payton is a better coach, this is very comparable to the likes of Nuggets head coach Michael Malone and the impact he has attributed to their roster as a whole.

Broncos 100% need to prioritize the team's chemistry this upcoming season before they even try to shift their focus elsewhere because this asset of the game is always the most important, regardless of the sport. A big chunk of the blame on the offense's failure in the 2022 season largely falls back on the team's lack of chemistry and the 11 players simply never being on the same page as the coaching staff. I have the utmost confidence, however, that Sean Payton will not let this issue happen again.