Did Sean Payton drop a major hint of what's to come for the Broncos?

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Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton dropped a potentially major hint of what the team could still do during this transformational offseason. Payton was addressing the media during OTAs this week and had a lot of great and refreshing things to say.

He noted how Russell Wilson was picking the offense up well and looked sharp, but he also indicated that more changes could be on the horizon for the Broncos between now and the beginning of training camp

"...the transactions continue here from now until training camp." Well, there you have it. I'm not sure Payton could be more upfront about the potential roster movement we can see throughout the rest of the offseason. Remember, Payton has the final roster say so I think we could comfortably say that the aggressive free agency from the Broncos and their 2023 NFL Draft were all signed off by Payton.

He's got his hands all over this roster right now, and he's directly quoted as saying that it will continue. This is exciting to me because based on the offseason additions Denver has made in free agency, I think Payton has a clear grip on the needs of this team and the players to fill them.

Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey shore up what could be an excellent offensive line. Marquez Callaway played very well in 2021 with Sean Payton and is an excellent addition to the WR room. Zach Allen is a great interior pass rusher who should easily be able to fill the void left by Dre'Mont Jones, and the recent signings of Cam Fleming and Tyler Lancaster are, at the very least, great depth moves.

Sean Payton has clearly done this before. He isn't just signing random guys to sign them. I think there's been a clear plan put in place and it's exciting to think that more could be added.

Well, who could that more consist of? On offense, I'd love to see them target Ben Jones (I know, you're all probably annoyed with me saying that), and perhaps another running back, maybe Leonard Fournette, just in case.

On defense, Yannick Ngakoue makes a ton of sense as a pass-rush specialist. Bringing back an old face in Bradley Roby, who has played for both the Broncos and Sean Payton, is another move that makes a lot of sense to me.

There are a plethora of quality free agents left on the market, and I don't think Sean Payton is done. He is clearly putting this team in an excellent position to compete in 2023. Buckle up.

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