Tom Brady playing against the Broncos still on the table for 2023?

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Tom Brady is about to become part-owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, but should we be bracing ourselves for him to come out of retirement and play for them? Why are we even asking that question? Nobody needs any fear-mongering going on in Broncos Country right now.

Well, just put it on your radar as a distant possibility at this point. What was previously just a gag or maybe something to think about and laugh might now be something we actually need to consider as a possible reality. The reason? There seems to be some unexpected setback with Jimmy Garoppolo's health. According to multiple reports, Garoppolo is now set to miss an unknown amount of time due to a foot surgery he had to have.

The surgery apparently took place in March, but the fact that the Raiders still don't have a timetable for his return is very concerning. He was carted off the field last December with a broken foot, and Jimmy G. has compiled quite the extensive injury history if you look at every single ailment he's dealt with. Do we really think that Tom Brady is going to buy stake in the Las Vegas Raiders franchise, only to let Brian Hoyer or Aidan O'Connell trot out there as the team's starting quarterback?

I'm not so sure about that. You kind of have to feel like Tom Brady facing off against the Broncos -- as a member of the Las Vegas Raiders -- is a distinct possibility at this point.

Brady is a free agent and can sign with any team. He did officially file his paperwork to retire with the NFL, but that can be undone rather quickly. The Raiders' head coach is Josh McDaniels, so he's had plenty of experience playing in that offense dating back to their time together as New England Patriots.

I'm just saying, don't be shocked if this happens. There were plenty of rumors early in the offseason that if Brady were to continue playing, he would sign with the Raiders. You even had Raiders DE Maxx Crosby publicly campaigning for Brady to don the silver and black.

Relatively speaking, it's still early in the offseason. The Raiders have a number of big-time weapons offensively to make Brady's life easier, namely guys like All-Pro running back Josh Jacobs and All-Pro receiver Davante Adams.

Adams might have to give TB12 a call now that they are part of the same organization. Or, going to be, anyway.

It would be one of the more shocking developments of the offseason to see Brady come out of retirement for a second time, but sometimes drastic circumstances call for drastic measures. Brady can obviously still play at a high level and he would be able to help the Jimmy Garoppolo-less Raiders if he is to seriously miss a significant amount of time.

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