Further proof Bo Nix was the right pick for the Denver Broncos in 2024

Sixth QB taken yet the first to sign his rookie deal
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Sean Payton wasted no time getting pen to paper with his new signal caller for the Denver Broncos. Bo Nix has officially signed his rookie deal, a four-year contract with a fifth-year team option. Looking to build off of his impressive and decorated collegiate career, Nix officially took the next step in his journey. With the finances taken care of, now it's time to hit the field and get ready for an offseason of training and learning what he'll need to do to take his team to a level it's been missing for far too long.

Being the first quarterback to sign his deal might come as a surprise to some. Especially considering that Caleb Williams was also selected in this draft. Chicago has already announced that he will be their starting quarterback for this season yet his contract hasn't even been signed yet. It seems a bit odd to put the cart before the horse but that's neither here nor there. 

"Let's get to work" seems to be a motto for not only Nix but this entire group of rookies that were selected by the Broncos. Nix, 24 years old at this time, is coming off of five years of starting in college which comes with a level of maturity. I believe that factors into getting this deal signed before rookie camp began. More or less, let's take care of the business side of things so we can pump full steam ahead to start getting ready to win football games.

More good news continued to flood out of Mile High as we also learned this week that Nix will be wearing his #10 as Zach Wilson gave it up. I still believe the Broncos announcing Wilson would wear #10 before the draft was more smoke to drive Payton's interest in Nix further from being real. Regardless, I do have to agree with Mr. Parker above. Nix does look dang good in that uniform. 

That said, the most important part is that the Denver Broncos were able to get their quarterback's deal completed before the real offseason begins. Now, Nix and Payton can solely focus on learning, building, and developing a system for them both to strive in as the season inches closer day by day. Business taken care of and now it's time to work.