Former Broncos star safety may have given a huge clue about his next team

Would this fit make sense?
Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have a former player who is shockingly still on the market, but could he find himself on a new team soon? You know, it could be nothing, but the fit makes sense for the team, and the fit also make sense for the player. From 2016-2023, the Denver Broncos had the pleasure of Justin Simmons manning the backend of their defense.

After the 2023 NFL Season, the Broncos shockingly cut Simmons, and ever since that release, he's been a free agent. You have to wonder why Simmons is still on the market. Perhaps he's waiting for a strong enough offer. Maybe he's purposely waiting this long? Who knows. Well, on Twitter/X recently, Simmons seems to have indicated in the form of an emoji a potential new team for 2024.

The Broncos actually signed former Dolphins safety, Brandon Jones, in free agency, so could the Broncos and Dolphins essentially trade safeties? Their projected starters at safety are Jevon Holland, one of the best in the NFL, and Jordan Poyer, who was recently on the Buffalo Bills. Miami also has Patrick McMorris and Elijah Campbell at safety as well, so the depth is actually quite bad outside of Holland and Poyer.

The Miami Dolphins also have enough cap space to pull it off and have again been aggressive in free agency. They'd loaded up on savvy veteran players like Jordan Poyer, Kendall Fuller, Odell Beckham Jr, and former Bronco Shaq Barrett. GM Chris Grier has taken a clear plan of action here in trying to make some progress in the AFC.

And Justin Simmons would continue to further that plan. Frankly, Simmons should play for a winning football team, period. He's never played in a postseason game and deserves the chance to. His dedication and performance for the Denver Broncos was spectacular, so Simmons on the Dolphins would be nice to see.

Could the Miami Dolphins make the move?