Former Broncos QB Peyton Manning talks about Bo Nix and his own rookie season

The former Denver Broncos great as spoken!
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Peyton Manning has remained involved with the Denver Broncos ever since retiring from the team following Super Bowl 50. He recently spoke about being a rookie QB in the NFL. Peyton Manning can do no wrong in Broncos Country, and even though he's arguably the greatest QB ever, it's not like he had it easy in the NFL. In fact, Manning was a rookie in 1998 and still has the all-time rookie interception record.

He threw 28 interceptions during his rookie season, which is an unfortunate record that still stands today. The Denver Broncos have a rookie QB of their own now in Bo Nix, and man, it would be a total disaster of Nix ended up throwing 28 interceptions during his rookie season. Here's what Manning had to say recently about this situation:

"“I played as a rookie,” Manning said. “It was not a fun year. It’s well-documented how many interceptions that I threw. If any of these rookies wants to break my interception record, I’d be for it. I don’t want Bo to break it, but I’d like to get that off my resume. You’d think with 17 games that they’d be able to do it. It’s 28, it shouldn’t be that hard. But anyway, I’m over it.”"

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Hah, Manning seems to invoke some self-deprecating humor here. Obviously, he went on to have a first-ball Hall of Fame career with the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts, and it'd be neat to see Bo Nix do the same thing. The neat thing about the Denver Broncos is that Nix has a ton of resources to get help when he wants it.

He's got two of the greatest QBs of all time in John Elway and Peyton Manning available to him. (or at least, I would assume they are) and he's got a first-ballot Hall of Fame head coach in Sean Payton as well. There is a ton of pressure for Bo Nix to succeed, but he's also got a ton of resources to help with that pressure.