Broncos QB Bo Nix already getting great reviews from head coach Sean Payton

What a time to be a Broncos fan, eh?
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Is it possible that the Denver Broncos struck gold with their 12th overall pick, QB Bo Nix? Don't look now, but the rookie passer already is impressing. The praise was short and sweet, but it's a lot better than what another head coach said about his rookie QB. Here is Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton on Bo Nix:

""It's hard for me to catch you up like on a Netflix series. You guys watched one [episode], and then you missed three, and then you watched one and I'm trying to catch you up. All three of [the quarterbacks] are doing well. Specifically to Bo, he's doing really well. He's picking it up. There's a lot that's going in. He's throwing the ball extremely well.""

Sean Payton

Before you go off and say, "Well every head coach is going to want to talk good about his QB!" take a look at previous comments from New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo on his rookie QB, Drake Maye:

""Look, he has a lot to work on. A lot to work on. But I have no doubt that he will put the time in," Mayo said, via team transcripts. "You didn't see him out here yesterday, but he was here all night trying to get on the same page as everyone else.""

Jerod Mayo

Yeah, not great. It's clear that Bo Nix is impressing Sean Payton, which in itself is impressive, as Payton is one of the more old-school, rugged coaches in the NFL. What does that say about Nix's chances to make it in the NFL as a franchise QB? Very early on, he seems to have won over Payton, and it's a great thing.

Now sure, things can go downhill; that's very possible, but there really isn't anything better Sean Payton could be saying than what he's said about his rookie QB.