3 reasons why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Russell Wilson could fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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The Denver Broncos' former starting quarterback will now get a shot with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he could be doomed to fail. This could be the last chance that Russell Wilson has in the NFL as a starting quarterback, and frankly, it's sad. Prime Russell Wilson was something truly to behold. At his best, there weren't many passers better.

He's among the best dual-threat QBs in NFL history and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. However, like every single player who has played in the NFL, there does come a time when Father Time has run its course. For Wilson, Father Time has caught up to him and could hit him like a ton of bricks in 2024.

Here's why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3 reasons why Russell Wilson is doomed to fail with the Pittsburgh Steelers

1. Steelers projected OL is significantly worse than Broncos unit in 2023

According to Ourlads, the projected depth chart for the Pittsburgh Steelers is Broderick Jones, Isaac Seumalo, Zach Frazier, James Daniels, and Troy Fautanu. So what you have with this offensive line is two projected rookies, one unproven tackle in Jones, and two good-ish starters in Seumalo and Daniels. That isn't great, folks.

In 2023, the Denver Broncos were five strong along the offensive line with Garett Bolles, Ben Powers, Lloyd Cushenberry, Quinn Meinerz, and Mike McGlinchey. While the unit had its moments, it was still one of the more talented on paper in the NFL. The thing with Wilson is, as we know, is that he takes a ton of sacks. Wilson tends to hang in the pocket for too long and just does not get rid of the ball on time.

That hasn't changed. In 188 career regular season games, he's taken 527 sacks. That comes out to 2.8 sacks per game, which is 48 per 17-game season. So if the averages hold, you can expect Russell Wilson to take nearly 50 sacks in 2024. But with how unproven this offensive line is, would it be unrealistic to suggest he gets sacked 60 times? More?