Game-by-game predictions for Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Season

Let's predict the Denver Broncos entire 2024 season.
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages
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The Denver Broncos are going to enter an extremely crucial year in the 2024 NFL Season. Let's predict each of their games. Can the Broncos finish with a winning record for the first time since 2016? Can they make the playoffs for the first time since 2015? Man, there are so many questions that this team is going to answer when the 2024 NFL Season begins.

The hype with the Broncos is now around Bo Nix, the polished rookie QB that Denver took with the 12th overall pick. If Nix ends up being the long-term answer for the Broncos, things are looking up. If not, the Broncos have set themselves even farther back.

Let's try to unpack their entire season and predict each game.

Game-by-game predictions for Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Season
Week 1 @ Seattle Seahawks

For the one millionth time, the Denver Broncos open up a season with the Seattle Seahawks, which is interesting. Fortunately, Denver may be able to get the better of Seattle, who is now with a first-year head coach in Mike Macdonald, and also have a middling QB in Geno Smith. In what may be an evaluation year for the Seahawks, Denver could squeak out of here with a close win.

Denver is ahead of Seattle in that the Broncos are better in the trenches and also have a rookie QB. I would expect Seattle to look at a rookie QB in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Prediction: Broncos win 21-17
Record: 1-0

Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

I so badly want the Denver Broncos to absolutely embarrass the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams would already have quite a bit to play for. Do I need to explain why? If nothing else, the Steelers have managed to not finish with a losing record in Mike Tomlin's tenure as their head coach. They went 10-7 last year. Could they squeak out a win? Maybe.

Prediction: Steelers win 20-17
Record: 1-1

Week 3 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 9-8 in 2023 and won the NFC South. They also won in the Wild Card Round, so this team did make a deep run. However, they lost their offensive coordinator, Dave Canales, to the Carolina Panthers, so a regression on offense could be likely. They also weren't exactly prolific on that side of the ball.

In a game of two pretty even teams, let's give the nod to the Denver Broncos because of their coaching advantage.

Prediction: Broncos win 17-13
Record: 2-1

Week 4 @ New York Jets

In what could be a very brutal game for the Denver Broncos, this could be the first huge test of Bo Nix's career, as the New York Jets have a top-five defense, and this game is in their house. Nathaniel Hackett is still on the Jets coaching staff, so you have to assume the motivation is still there for the Jets to take it to the Denver Broncos.

The biggest unknown with this team is Aaron Rodgers and their offensive line, but I do believe that side of the ball will end up being fine.

Prediction: Jets win 27-17
Record: 2-2