Depth at quarterback for Broncos in 2024 is vital in more ways than one

Why Denver carrying potentially three quarterbacks into the season could provide additional protections and benefits down the road.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The most important position in all sports has to be the quarterback of a football team. You can virtually make anything else work but if a quarterback isn't present it becomes increasingly difficult to play the game. If you want to win, you not only need a quarterback but you need a good one at that.

This statement above just simply doesn't make logical sense. Saying all quarterbacks outside of a select few being the same is legitimately incorrect. This idea of building around a rookie while they're on a cheap deal is one thing and can surely be proven to work but you still need good play from the position if you are ever going to accomplish anything in the NFL. That said, it brings us to today's topic. Why having depth at the most important position goes beyond what it can provide for your team directly. 

Last year there were a total of 66 quarterbacks who started games for the 32 NFL teams. With simple math, we can see that it comes out to more than two per team. Injuries are bound to happen but we've also come into an age where the patience level for mediocre play from the position is very slim. For example, Minnesota's starter last year was Kirk Cousins. Once he went down with an Achilles tear, the Vikings proceeded to start a total of three more quarterbacks during the rest of the season. That comes out to a total of four quarterbacks to get through a 17-game season. 

That's where Denver comes in. Most including myself thought once Zach Wilson was acquired from the Jets then surely Ben DiNucci would be on the outside looking in. Then, the Broncos selected Bo Nix with the #12 pick in this year's draft. That looked to put Jarrett Stidham on the hot seat as well. But, what if I told you that maybe DiNucci makes his way to the practice squad and all of Nix, Stidham, and Wilson make the active 53-man roster?

Injuries are bound to happen. So having three options at the quarterback position not only can help your team but also might open the door to trading one of the backups to a desperate team during the season. Theoretically speaking, if Wilson and Stidham are backing up Nix and a team came calling the week of the in-season trade deadline, Paton might be able to flip one of them for a late-round pick in the upcoming draft. Something they wouldn't receive by cutting them or letting them leave in free agency. It also pays for the player to have the opportunity to go and start for a team down the stretch and work themselves into a better contract potentially. 

This is a win-win for all parties involved. Every single team needs a quarterback and due to injuries, most teams will need multiple. I'd rather be a team with an excess of resources than the one short on options.