Denver Broncos top 4 candidates to replace Tim Patrick

Who is going to replace Tim Patrick in the Denver Broncos offense?

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The month of August started with unfortunate news for the Denver Broncos. It was announced that Tim Patrick suffered a torn Achilles, ending his season before it started for the second straight year. This is, yet again, a big blow to the Broncos' receiving group. Patrick had been one of the most reliable players on the Broncos' roster in 2020 and 2021. His presence was greatly missed last season, and it will now be missed again. The receiving group, without Patrick, still feels like it’s in a better place than it was last year when he went down. However, this still creates a void that needs to be filled. So the question is, who is best suited to fill it?

Top 4 best options for the Denver Broncos to replace Tim Patrick in 2023

1. Kendall Hinton

Considering Kendall Hinton got his big break as an emergency quarterback thrown into a nightmare scenario, the fact he is now here is nothing short of amazing. Hinton has found a role for himself on this team, and even though it’s been small, he’s been effective. In 2021 and 2022, Hinton had a combined 39 receptions, and out of those 39 receptions, 24 of them were for a first down. This is the result of his average depth of target being 9.2 yards.

It’s clear the Broncos like to target him at or past the first-down marker. Hinton isn’t the same type of receiver as Patrick, who stands at 6’4 while Hinton is 6 feet tall. However, with how effective he has been when given the chance, no one should be surprised if Hinton steps up in 2023 to absorb some of the workload. 

2. Marquez Callaway

Marquez Callaway was picked up during the offseason, reuniting with his old coach from the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton. Callaway’s best season came in 2021 when he had 698 yards and six touchdowns. Then, in 2022, without Payton, Callaway’s production suffered. He played in 14 games and caught only 16 passes for 158 yards. A reunion with his former coach can hopefully reignite the flame that he had in 2021.

Another interesting stat from his 2021 season is that his quarterbacks had a 101.2 passer rating when targeting Callaway. This fell off massively in 2022, where it dropped to 48.7. Callaway, who is 6’2, more closely fits the body and style of Patrick, so it could be a smoother transition into filling that role, whereas Hinton would, again, more just absorb the possible targets.

3. Greg Dulcich 

Another player who fits the Patrick archetype while being in a different position is tight end Greg Dulcich. Another bigger body who had great flashes last season, his rookie year. Entering his second season, Dulcich would have been expected to take a leap in ability and production even if Patrick hadn’t gone down with an injury. But now, the team may not just be expecting it but relying on it.

The NFL has its elite tight ends, but the gap between the few elite ones and everyone else is massive. If Dulcich is able to separate himself from the pack, that would be an incredible weapon for the Broncos' offense, which is always looking for a dynamic weapon.


4. Marvin Mims Jr.

The Broncos second-round pick, wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr., may have a bigger role than he or the team may have expected when drafting him. But he has seemed to do nothing but impress Sean Payton and company as he has landed the starting slot receiver role in the Broncos initial depth chart. His amazing speed makes him a deep threat and another great candidate to step up this season.

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