3 biggest surprises from Denver Broncos first unofficial depth chart

The Denver Broncos released their first depth chart on Wednesday, and there are a few huge surprises
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3. Marvin Mims Jr is all over the place on the initial depth chart

I guess this might not be a huge surprise to some, as Mims has had a fantastic camp, but the Denver Broncos are very much buying into their rookie from Oklahoma. At wide receiver, he's behind Jerry Jeudy on the depth chart but is in a WR3 role.

Well, running with three wide receivers on the NFL is 11 personnel, which is very common in today's league. Payton might not run it a ton if the Denver Broncos are going to be a run-first team, but we'll most definitely see it. And that'll mean that Mims is likely going to get a ton of run on offense.

He's also penciled in as the starter at the punt and kick returning positions. He's already ahead on the depth chart at these positions over other veteran players, so the rookie has impressed thus far. I guess the reason I am surprised to see him in all of these spots is the amount of responsibility he'll have.


With Tim Patrick and KJ Hamler going down and Patrick set to miss the entire season, someone has to step up at wide receiver, and it appears that Marvin Mims is going to be that player.

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