Jerry Jeudy shines in preseason opener vs. Cardinals

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The starting group for the offense started off shaky against the Arizona Cardinals in their first preseason game under Sean Payton but picked it up in the second quarter.

Russell Wilson started the game 1 of 4 for 19 yards as the offense was stagnant. The offensive line was not playing well at all and Wilson appeared to be uncomfortable in the pocket. Once the run game started going a bit, the offensive line got a bit better.

The offense looked its best when Wilson connected on a couple of throws to Jerry Jeudy. They hooked up on a 19-yard pass in the first quarter to get them down the field, and the drive ultimately ended up with a missed FG.

In the second quarter, Wilson started to connect with Courtland Sutton as both receivers started to look really good with each other. On the last drive of the night for the first-string offense, Jeudy drops a wide-open pass from Wilson that would have been a first down and more.

The offense was in a fourth-down situation, and Payton called Jeudy's number again as he annihilated the defenders' ankles in man coverage and scored for a 20-yard TD.

The first of many for this special duo as they were on the same page tonight. Many times last year we saw some confusion between the two throughout games (despite building chemistry at the end of the season) but they looked great tonight.

Jeudy would be the first to tell you that the drops are unacceptable. Unfortunately, fans must understand that this won't be his first or last drop. It's part of the game, as all the best receivers occasionally drop the ball.

He has improved with his drops and will only continue to improve as his career progresses. This is something fans should not worry about as that was an issue of the past and not the present. The routes looked crisp, and he looked fast against Arizona.


Jeudy had a great showing against the Cardinals and will be interesting to see how the first team offense continues to improve. Another huge positive for the offense is the starters had zero pre-snap penalties.

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