Denver Broncos should go all out and sign both Cook and Hopkins

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Free agent RB Dalvin Cook recently proposed an insane idea where he and WR DeAndre Hopkins played for the same team. Should the Denver Broncos make that happen? On The Adam Schefter Podcast, free agent running back Dalvin Cook proposed something that would definitely shake up the NFL.

He lightly toyed with the idea of he and DeAndre Hopkins playing for the same team. Both players were recently released by their respective teams and are clearly the top free agents left on the market. Cook is coming off of four straight Pro Bowl seasons and DeAndre Hopkins has still managed to be very productive even if he hasn't been on the field as much as some would like.

The two stud players would instantly provide huge boosts to wherever they signed, and you know what, why not double dip here? The Denver Broncos should make both of these signings happen if they are serious about winning in 2023 and beyond.

Cook called the idea of him and Hopkins playing together as "epic" and I cannot stay I'd disagree. It does kind of feel like both players are going to end up on AFC squads. The Miami Dolphins and Broncos have both expressed interest in Cook, and the New England Patriots seem to be angling towards grabbing Hopkins.

The Broncos would have to create some more cap space to make both of these signings happen, but both players would be huge upgrades to the offense and would give the Broncos the best group of skill players in the entire NFL.

Signing Cook would be pretty cut and dry, I think, as Samaje Perine is the only other healthy and viable running back on the roster. Signing Hopkins on the other hand would be a different story. The Broncos would they likely have to put Courtland Sutton on the trade block to help with cap relief and to ensure the WR room isn't too saturated.

A WR room of Jerry Jeudy, Hopkins, Sutton, Tim Patrick, Marvin Mims Jr, and Marquez Callaway would be elite, but you can see how there may actually be too many mouths to feed. It would be more efficient for the Broncos to trade Sutton in this scenario.

Then, you'd be left with a trio of Jeudy, Hopkins, and Patrick, while having Mims and Callaway as the two primary backups. If the Broncos are serious about winning in 2023 and beyond, they should try to make this happen.

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