Denver Broncos need to sign a free agent to help shore up run defense

The Denver Broncos need to try and shore up their run defense

Denver Broncos
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The biggest weakness with the Denver Broncos right now is their rush defense. The team should look to the free agent market to try and shore this up. Even though the team has won four games in a row, there are still some issues with this team. Perhaps the biggest one is the rush defense, which has simply been nonexistent at times.

And as the team progresses late into the season, this could really come back to bite them in the rear end if they don't try to fix it. Sure, there might not be much of a solution now to turn it into an elite part of the unit, but there's surely got to be something they can do, right? I think so. During their win streak, the team has allowed 141.5 yards on the ground.


This is worrisome. To make things a bit better, the pass defense has allowed just 198.3 yards over that same stretch, so they've made up for it with the secondary. With that being said, the Denver Broncos have found themselves now 10th in the AFC and just one game out of the 7th and final Wild Card spot. The playoffs are in striking distance for the team, and we very often see teams add a veteran free agent during these types of runs.

The Broncos have some very winnable games left on their schedule, and they need to put their team in the best possible position to win these games. Denver won't find a game-changer on the market, but man, this is a very worrisome part of the defense. The Vikings gained 175 yards on the ground, which is more than double their typical per-game average.


This was a bad rushing team and they managed to gauge the Denver Broncos on the ground. Well, what kind of names are still out there? At this point, you're looking at players like Michael Brockers, Ndamukong Suh, and Justin Ellis, among others who are currently on the market. Last year, during their stellar season, the Philadelphia Eagles added both Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph to help stop the run.

Denver needs to do something similar, and they need to do it quickly.

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