The Denver Broncos need to make this absurdly aggressive move for 2024

Frankly, there is NO reason for the Denver Broncos to not do this.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

It's time for the Denver Broncos organization to step up. It's time for the team to prove that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2024 and beyond. As it stands right now, the Atlanta Falcons were the only team to interview Bill Belichick for a head coaching job this cycle.

And the Falcons recently hired Raheem Morris to be their head coach. Well, the only two teams remaining who have not hired a HC yet are the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks, who both recently fired older, defensive-minded head coaches. Both teams have not talked to Belichick and look to be going in different directions.

This may leave the greatest head coach in NFL history without a head coach job in 2024. There could be a possibility that he just sits out from coaching in 2024 with the hopes that he can land a gig as a head coach in 2025. But I do wonder if that would do Belichick any good? Would sitting out an entire year really make much of a difference?

If there are other, non-head coaching opportunities available for Belichick, why would he not take them? I just cannot personally see him sitting out the year. Well, if the Seahawks and Commanders do not hire Belichick, and they probably won't, that would realistically open the door for the Denver Broncos to pursue Belichick.

Frankly, there is NO reason why the Broncos cannot aggressively pursue Bill Belichick to be their defensive coordinator in 2024, even if that is just for one season. Sure, if Belichick does not want to be a DC, the point is moot, but what if he is open to it? The Denver Broncos have the richest ownership in professional sports and have an elite head coach.

Belichick joining Sean Payton's staff would make that staff the best in the NFL. Belichick would also surely get a say in the defensive personnel, and the Broncos could potentially have several starting spots on defense open. I know this might sound silly right now, but I just don't see how it isn't possible.

Next. Payton V. Harbaugh. Sean Payton has a poor historical record against Jim Harbaugh. dark

The Denver Broncos have been an unserious franchise for years now. Hiring Sean Payton was a good step to be a serious club. However, bringing in Belichick would show the rest of the NFL that Denver is back and ready to get out of the basement.

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