Denver Broncos might be a perfect home for QB Kyler Murray in 2024

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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Arizona Cardinals' QB Kyler Murray tore his ACL in the 2022 season and may not take a snap for the team in 2023. He could be on the move next year and makes sense for the Broncos. I am getting way, way ahead of myself here, but there has to be life after Russell Wilson, and I think that life can come as soon as the 2024 NFL season.

The Denver Broncos are not going to keep Russel Wilson on the roster if he bottoms out in 2023. They just won't do that. They'll rip the Band-Aid off and allow Sean Payton to get his QB of the future in the building. If Wilson cannot be competent playing within a Payton offense, then he's truly cooked and is only cooking toast and ice cubes.

In that case, it's not like Denver would have to rebuild. They don't have a ton of notable free agents in 2024 and invested over $200 million in free agency this year. If Wilson regresses or doesn't improve, the most logical move for the Broncos to make in my opinion would be to try and get an immediate solution at QB for 2024, because they'll already have the team around said QB to compete.

Someone who might make a lot of sense depending on how their season goes is the Arizona Cardinals. There appears to be no indication either way that Kyler Murray, a former No.1 overall pick, will or will not suit up for the team this year. There's also a couple of other factors at play here. The first factor is Arizona bringing in a new head coach and general manager this year. The brain-trust that drafted and extended Kyler Murray are out of the organization, so there really are no connections.

The Cardinals seemed to also reluctantly give Murray the extension, and it doesn't appear that the two sides have that great of a relationship. With USC quarterback Caleb Williams looking like a slamdunk No.1 overall pick for 2024, and the Cardinals having the worst roster in the NFL, the Cards might tank their way into the No.1 overall pick.

If that's the case, wouldn't it make sense to reset their situation at QB, trade Murray, and draft Williams? Williams seems to be a better prospect than Murray and they'd save a ton on their cap space by trading him. The timing of the Cardinals rebuilding might also be more favorable to a young QB like Williams.

There's also this from Tom Pelissero, as he notes that Payton is a fan of Kyler Murray. Well, you see where I am going with this? And as crazy as it sounds, Kyler Murray's contract is tradeable next year.

If the Cards were to make him a post-June 1st trade, they'd incur a dead cap hit of $13 million but would save over $38 million.

The Broncos would probably do something with his contract I'd assume, as Murray's cap number is over $51 million in 2024 and never dips below $43 million over the next five seasons. As for Murray's talent, he's an elite athlete and one of the few true dual-threat QBs in the NFL.

He's never been a prolific passer but he's also not exactly played in competent offenses either. He'll be 26 years old this summer, so he'd be 27 when the 2024 season began, which would be a nice deal for the Broncos. Getting a young QB who can be the long-term answer for the team would be marvelous.

Over the course of his career, Kyler Murray has thrown for 13,848 yards, 84 touchdowns, 41 interceptions, 2,204 rushing yards and 23 rushing touchdowns. He's got a passer rating of 92.5 and averages 242.9 passing yards per game. He's a two-time Pro Bowler as well. The numbers that he's put up during his time in the NFL would likely improve under Sean Payton, and if Russell Wilson collapses in 2023, I would not be surprised if the Broncos called the Cardinals about Murray.

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