Denver Broncos give potentially massive update on Javonte Williams

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On Saturday during the team's rookie mini-camp, head coach Sean Payton offered what could be some massive news regarding Javonte Williams. If what Payton said ends up happening, the Denver Broncos might be in a wonderful spot to begin the 2023 season.

The Broncos recently held their rookie mini-camp and Payton addressed the media about stud running back Javonte Williams, who is rehabbing from a serious knee injury he suffered during the beginning stages of the 2022 season.

Here's what the future Hall of Fame coach had to say about Williams' potential return:

"Our current starter [RB Javonte Williams] is doing extremely well. I would tell you that we expect him to be ready for the start of training camp and that's good news. His rehab is going well. I don't want to speak for him or [Vice President of Player Health & Performance] Beau [Lowery] or anyone else, but we get the daily reports. We’re pretty tight-lipped relative to information going out, but I've read a lot and I think his rehab is going well."

Sean Payton (via Broncos PR)

The start of training camp is typically in the late July period, so Payton is effectively saying that in about two and a half months, they expect Williams to be ready. Now, what exactly does ready mean in this scenario? Does ready mean that Williams is good to go and can participate as if he was never injured? Does ready mean that he can be out there, going through the motions, but still isn't a "full-go?"

Well, I guess we won't know until we get to training camp, but this is still wonderful to hear from someone in the organization. The Broncos are very clearly going to be a run-first team in the 2023 season. They brought in run-blocking experts along the offensive line, added a stellar blocking tight end, and signed a fullback.

Javonte Williams might be the perfect type of running back to flourish in this offense, so having him out there for week one would be awesome. Denver opens up the season in about four months, so Williams does have a good bit of time still to finish up the bulk of his rehab.

You also have to consider that every single person on this Earth heals differently and at different speeds. Personally, I've always healed from my various injuries somewhat quickly. Others reading this might heal slower.

For a professional athlete, they are some of the healthiest and most in-shape people on the face of the Earth, so I'd give them the benefit of the doubt in returning from injuries. Williams is also still very young and does not have a ton of tread on his tires.

The Denver Broncos having Javonte Williams ready for the start of training camp, and likely week one would be magnificent.

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