Denver Broncos could make a perfect trade at the 2023 deadline

The Denver Broncos might be able to make the perfect trade at the deadline in 2023.
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos could realistically buy low on a player at the 2023 NFL trade deadline, and this player in the AFC might be the perfect target for the team. The team is in an interesting spot as the deadline approaches. They have just won two games in a row to get to 3-5. Breaking their eight-year losing streak to the Chiefs in a dominant fashion was perhaps the best win for this team since Super Bowl 50.

The defense is playing at a very high level over the last month and the offense is playing good enough. There is reason to believe that the Broncos can at least get back to .500 in the coming weeks, as some of their games after the bye week are very winnable. However, the team is still 3-5 and could have good reason to be sellers at the deadline if they get a good enough offer for a player or two.

However, I don't think the Broncos should shy away from buying low if the price is right. I do think there is a certain player the team should target to bolster the tight end room, which has been pretty bland this year. Adam Trautman is the leading receiver at the tight end spot for the Denver Broncos, and he has just 69 yards on the season.

Both Trautman and free agent tight end Chris Manhertz seem better utilized as blocking players. Well, the Broncos were likely counting on Greg Dulcich to be the go-to guy in the TE room, but he simply cannot stay healthy. For that reason, the Broncos should call up Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots and inquire about TE Mike Gesicki, who could be the perfect player for the Broncos on offense.


Gesicki spent the first chunk of his career with the Miami Dolphins and signed with the Patriots for cheap last offseason. Gesicki hasn't been super productive this year, but how could you blame him? He's on a team with Mac Jones at QB, and in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Gesicki had nearly 1,500 yards and eight TDs combined.

He's been an explosive player before and is a hyper-athletic player at the position. If all it would cost would be a late-round pick swap, the Broncos should add someone like Mike Gesicki to their TE room. This would give the offense and Russell Wilson a viable security blanket on offense and would likely make Russell Wilson's job much easier.

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