Sean Payton proves he's the right man for the Denver Broncos going forward

Sean Payton is the right man to steer this franchise back to where they need to be.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

After not beating the Kansas City Chiefs in eight years, the Denver Broncos not only beat them in Week 8 but totally embarrassed them, further proving that Sean Payton is the man for the job. I'm sorry, but if you aren't feeling something with this team after their Week 8 win versus the Kansas City Chiefs, then I don't know what to tell you.

Not only did the Broncos finally end this losing streak dating back to 2015, but the Broncos have now won two in a row and three of five. Heading into their bye week in Week 9, the Broncos are now 3-5 and right in the thick of things in the AFC playoff race after starting 1-5.

The defense was excellent, and the unit has done a total 180 from the first half of the season. Vance Joseph's unit gave Patrick Mahomes the worst game of his career and kept KC from scoring a touchdown. They forced several turnovers and made life very tough for Mahomes in the backfield, applying constant pressure.

The offense was good enough, scoring three touchdowns and adding a field goal at the end of the game for good measure. Russell Wilson was not great, in fact, he was shaky at best, but three touchdown passes from number 3 and 135 rushing yards proved to be the winning formula for the Broncos.

This was a turning point for this team. The franchise has been starved for winning football for years now, and yes, the Broncos are still 3-5, but this game goes deeper than the win-loss record. Payton and his rugged coaching style seem to be rubbing off. I think if nothing else, this win on Sunday further proves that Sean Payton is the right man for the job, and heck, maybe Vance Joseph has settled in as the defensive coordinator.


At this point, what do the Broncos do? Do they sell at the trade deadline? Do they buy low on a player? Do they hold still and get healthy? This is actually an interesting situation for Denver. I think this roster has proven to Payton that it might not need as much tweaking as he probably thought a few weeks ago.

However, the Broncos may need to offload some contracts to get themselves under the cap number for 2024. If I had to guess, I think Denver holds still unless they get a fantastic offer for one of their players or is able to trade for a player for a great deal. Nonetheless, this was a phenomenal win for our Denver Broncos.

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