Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Indianapolis Colts in 2023

Could the Denver Broncos strike a trade with the Indianapolis Colts?

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The Indianapolis Colts could be in the trade market this year as they look to rebuild their roster around Anthony Richardson. Could the Denver Broncos take advantage of this possibility? There aren't a ton of truly bad teams in the AFC, but I think the Colts are going to be one of them. They drafted Anthony Richardson in the 2023 NFL Draft and are clearly angling toward future seasons to be competitive.

I don't anticipate this team winning more than a few games with a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach. Furthermore, they do have some aging veterans that might not line up with their long-term plays and might have more use for the Colts as being used to acquire draft capital in a trade.

The Denver Broncos are in a much different spot than the Colts. The Broncos appear to be going all-in this year and likely in future years as much as they can. They've been hyper-aggressive in free agency and I do not think they will hesitate to deal more draft capital if it means improving the roster.

Could the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis strike a deal at some point in 2023? Let's dive into three trade possibilities.

Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Indianapolis Colts in 2023
1. Denver Broncos acquire RB Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor formally requested a trade from the Indianapolis Colts as he wants a long-term contract and doesn't appear to be getting one from the team that drafted him a few years ago. Taylor did have a down year with some injuries, but broke out in 2021 and rushed for over 1,800 yards and 18 touchdowns.

He has apparently been excused from the team to seek treatment for an injury, but nothing indicates that he will miss regular season football games. There was also a report that there are/were several teams interested in Taylor and who are willing to give him a long-term deal.

Well, Sean Payton has a history of paying running backs. He's paid all of Reggie Bush, Alvin Kamara, and Mark Ingram. It's not farfetched to think that the Denver Broncos could package Javonte Williams in a deal with a draft pick to land the 24-year-old running back who could be a huge upgrade in the backfield.