Denver Broncos 3 bold predictions for Week 5 vs. NY Jets

3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos vs. NY Jets in Week 5

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The Denver Broncos are set to take on the New York Jets in Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season. This is a fascinating matchup for a variety of reasons, and of course most people are intrigued to see the return of Nathaniel Hackett to Denver. Hackett was fired the day after Christmas last year after the Broncos suffered a loss to the Rams that embarrassed the new ownership group, although Hackett wasn't fired based off of just the one loss.

The Broncos, as a whole last year, were a complete disaster. The entire season was an embarrassment, quite frankly, and when Sean Payton spoke about his thoughts on it publicly to USA Today's Jarrett Bell, those comments obviously didn't sit well with the Jets, Hackett, and many others.

Beyond the Payton-Hackett drama, the Jets don't have Aaron Rodgers this week. All of their players have been talking the talk, speaking up for Hackett when he obviously isn't going to say much to the media. They want to get revenge for him. They want to come into Denver and stick it to the Broncos. Sean Payton's comments made this game personal for them.

But what's being ignored (because the Jets are being so loud) is the fact that many in Denver are also quietly looking forward to getting some revenge on Hackett. The coaching job in Denver last year was horrendous. I don't think players hold ill will against Hackett as a human being, but on the business side of things, there is a reason why Sean Payton said the things that he did about last year. The Broncos set a franchise record for least points scored in a season. There was virtually no player progression, and in fact there was regression from key guys, namely Russell Wilson.

The coaching job of Hackett, at least in part, caused Wilson to be dragged through the mud for almost an entire calendar year. It was brutal to watch. With all of that being said, let's get into some bold predictions for this game and what we could wind up seeing.

3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos vs. Jets in Week 5

1. Russell Wilson goes off for 5 TD passes

Go big or go home, right? How about Russell Wilson throwing for five touchdown passes in this game against the Jets? That would stick it to 'em.

Wilson has three multi-touchdown games already this season. He has nine total touchdown passes which is currently tied for second in the NFL. His touchdown percentage of 6.8 is behind only Justin Fields (thanks Vance Joseph) and Kirk Cousins.

If the Broncos defense can move the ball on the New York Jets, it will make a huge statement, considering how much we saw the Chiefs struggle on Sunday night last weekend. If you're talking about "bold" predictions, I think you have to go big on one like this and who knows? Maybe we see Russ do a little extra cooking in a big win for the Broncos.