Jets writer takes a low-blow shot at Broncos QB Russell Wilson

New York Jets writer seems out of touch with his attempt at taking a shot at Russell Wilson

Russell WIlson
Russell WIlson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The New York Jets head into their Week 5 matchup against the Denver Broncos with some major injury situations going on in their secondary. Starting outside corner DJ Reed and backup Brandin Echols are both already being ruled out for this game in Denver, and a New York Jets beat reporter has decided that the injuries to Reed and Echols were the perfect opportunity to take a shot at Denver Broncos QB Russell WIlson.

Specifically, SNY reporter Connor Hughes took to Twitter (or "X", whatever) and basically wrote an entire article about what the Jets can do in the wake of this injury news.

"Good news for the #Jets: This is a good week to have an injury in the secondary because #Broncos QB Russell Wilson isn't good at football anymore. "

Connor Hughes, SNY

Well, there you have it. Good news for the New York Jets this weekend is, Russell Wilson isn't any good at football anymore. Great week to have injuries in the secondary.

This is such an odd take from someone who is paid to evaluate football. You expect professionals in this industry to do proper research before covering games or teams, and obviously Connor Hughes doesn't care to do that when the job is paying well and engagement is the name of the game. If you can rile up the crowd, it's good for business I guess. At least, in his eyes.

Hughes's baseless statement flies in the face of Russell Wilson having been not only a "good" quarterback but a "great" one for the majority of his NFL career, including in the 2023 season where he's clearly got a great thing going with head coach Sean Payton.

Not that Russell Wilson really needed more receipts after all that transpired last year, when so many reporters, analysts, coaches, players, and former teammates decided to take their shots at publicly disgracing him. It was hard to watch from afar, and although some Broncos players came to Russ's defense at times, it felt like the guy was on an island. Many -- present company included -- held out hope that 2022 was a fluke and that there was no way a guy like this just dropped off a proverbial cliff with his play.

I think it's safe to say four games into the season that Russ hasn't fallen off of a cliff. Does that make him immune from having a bad game from time to time? Absolutely not. Does it mean he's going to go out and dominate a short-handed Jets secondary? Not necessarily. But does what Russ did in 2022 mean he's a bad player, or no longer a "good" player? Absolutely not.


It's honestly just sad to see stuff like this anymore and we're not going to write about every single person in the media who bashes Russell Wilson (we don't have enough time in the day to do that) but this comment stuck out like a sore thumb. It's an unprofessional remark in the first place, and it's also baseless. Russell Wilson is a person of high character and integrity who has endured plenty over the last 12 months.

This Jets reporter just decided to come out and throw another tomato at the most incorrect possible time.

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