Broncos trade steal reveals the reason he wanted to come to Denver

John Franklin-Myers was drawn to his new head coach
Denver Broncos
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One of the biggest moves the Denver Broncos made in the entire 2024 offseason was to trade for New York Jets defensive lineman John Franklin-Myers. The Broncos desperately needed to upgrade their defensive line this offseason after the atrocities we all witnessed last year, and frankly, John Franklin-Myers was one of the most shocking steals of the 2024 offseason.

The Broncos traded a 2026 6th-round draft pick for Franklin-Myers, a starter for the Jets who became a big-money contract player just a couple of years ago.

Franklin-Myers has started every game over the last three years. He's made a ton of plays behind the line of scrimmage and is bringing the Denver Broncos a physical player with tremendous toughness and consistency. Qualities they desperately needed in a new starter along the defensive front. So how did they get Franklin-Myers -- who was given permission to seek a trade this offseason by the Jets -- to come to Denver?

"As far as the trade, the Jets traded for [Jets OLB] Haason [Reddick] and reached out to us and told us to see what we could find. From there, you get the chance to have your conversations and do what you need to do. Denver came up and shoot, what an opportunity I had. I talked to the coaches and talked to the staff members. I just heard the vision, heard what they wanted to do for me, how I could help this team and the opportunity that was presented. To play for [Head] Coach Sean Payton, I couldn’t pass that up. You talk about the defense they run and putting guys in good positions, that’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to going out there with them and playing physical."

John Franklin-Myers (via Broncos PR)

Couldn't pass up an opportunity to play for head coach Sean Payton?

It's so interesting how many players have said that despite what many in the national media would have you believe, which is that Payton is overhyped as a head coach, his tenure in New Orleans is overrated and tainted, and that players don't really like him all that much. It seems that couldn't be further from the truth in many respects.

Payton has not only brought in a number of players and coaches he's had in the past, but the respect for him runs even deeper within the organization. The Broncos have brought in trainers and front office personnel who previously worked with Payton in New Orleans. It's almost staggering how many levels of the organization Payton significantly impacted, and he's not forcing a bunch of people to come and work for him.

Payton runs a tight ship and is old school in many respects, but you can tell when listening to him this offseason that he's got a fresh energy about him. The Broncos got younger as a team, and Payton seems to be really settled in as the head coach of this young squad. The youth on the roster has clearly got him excited about the present and future.

That may be a bit of a sidetrack to the point, but it's all related. Payton has players in Denver excited to be there. But how could that be? This is allegedly the worst roster in the NFL. The Broncos are only supposed to win five games this season. Hope is lost in Denver...Right?

I wouldn't be so sure about that. If a player like Franklin-Myers chose to be in Denver over other possible situations, then maybe this team isn't as far off as the national media seems to think. And maybe all of the negative press you see regarding Sean Payton is what's truly being overblown.