Denver Broncos 10 best moves of the 2024 offseason

The Broncos nailed it with these moves
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Following their 8-9 season in 2023, the first year under head coach Sean Payton, more wholesale changes were made to the Denver Broncos' roster (and coaching staff) in the 2024 offseason. And all things considered, the offseason feels like a net positive as the team approaches OTAs.

What moves were the "best" ones the Broncos made in the 2024 offseason? Although we're only able to evaluate these moves on paper for now, let's take a look at the top 10 best moves the Broncos made in the 2024 offseason.

Best moves the Denver Broncos made in 2024

1. Drafting QB Bo Nix

The Denver Broncos last attempted to draft a first-round quarterback when they traded up a handful of spots in 2016 for Paxton Lynch. Before that, it was Tim Tebow in 2010 and Jay Cutler in 2006. The Broncos have never drafted their own franchise QB, although that's really just a technicality with John Elway being acquired in a draft day trade.

Bo Nix is the second-highest quarterback ever selected by the Broncos (behind Cutler) at 12th overall and it's just exciting to have the potential of a first-round quarterback in the mix. The more you hear from Nix, the more you hear people talking about him and analyzing his game, you can't help but get more excited. This guy "gets it" and is ready to be a pro quarterback.

2. Trading for DL John Franklin-Myers

One of the major problem areas from a season ago for the Denver Broncos was the defensive line. Without a ton of NFL Draft capital or salary cap space to work with, it was imperative that the team found a way to upgrade the defensive line. The acquisition of John Franklin-Myers in a trade with the Jets during the NFL Draft embodies the "where there's a will, there's a way" mentality.

The Broncos sent a 2026 6th-round pick to the Jets for Franklin-Myers and gave him a new two-year contract. This is a high-impact player and starter on the defensive line acquired for a completely inconsequential draft choice. This was maybe, pound-for-pound, the best move of the entire offseason for the Broncos.