AFC West quarterback power rankings after Broncos pick Bo Nix in 2024 Draft

Where does Bo Nix rank among AFC West quarterbacks?
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp
Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

For the most part, the 2024 NFL offseason is over and we have a good idea of what teams are going to look like heading into the coming year. The AFC West is a fascinating division thanks to Patrick Mahomes and the reigning back-to-back champion Kansas City Chiefs, but the Denver Broncos have added another first-round quarterback to the mix to ramp up the intensity in the division.

We hope.

The Raiders have made some significant moves this offseason and the Chargers made the biggest splash on the head coach cycle, hiring Jim Harbaugh away from the Michigan Wolverines program. But how do the quarterbacks of this division stack up? Let's take a look at an updated AFC West quarterback rankings list after the Broncos' selection of Bo Nix in the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Updated AFC West quarterback power rankings after Broncos pick Bo Nix

9. Easton Stick, Chargers

The Denver Broncos saw Easton Stick late last season, and I don't think the Chargers' backup QB is going to cause many defensive coordinators to lose sleep at night. The Chargers aren't in the greatest position if Justin Herbert goes down. Stick must be great in that quarterback room.

8. Carson Wentz, Chiefs

Carson Wentz was once one of the most coveted quarterbacks in the league, an MVP candidate who helped the Eagles in their Super Bowl season back in 2017 before Nick Foles had to take over when he got hurt. This is how things were going as of last year before he signed with the Rams on the practice squad:

Still, you can't help but be a little intrigued by how Wentz could work with Andy Reid and the Chiefs. He's in a pretty good situation, all things considered.

7. Aidan O'Connell, Raiders

It was rather unexpected that we got to see as much of Aidan O'Connell as we did last year for the Raiders. And he did pretty well, all things considered. O'Connell played 11 games and threw 12 touchdowns compared to just seven interceptions. The Raiders won five of his 10 starts last year and O'Connell has given them a potential option for this season to compete with Gardner Minshew.

6. Jarrett Stidham, Broncos

The hype surrounding Jarrett Stidham may have died down in recent weeks, but there are still some out there who believe he is QB1-caliber. Perhaps even the Denver Broncos. Chris Simms still has Stidham as the #40 QB in the NFL right now. Stidham showed late last season that he could step in at a moment's notice and play solid, but is he really QB1 material for the Broncos right now?

5. Zach Wilson, Broncos

Although he's taken a lot of lumps, Zach Wilson is one of the most experienced backup QBs in the AFC West right now. He has started a lot of games over the last handful of years, and even though the results haven't been great, I would contend that Wilson is the most talented non-starter in the AFC West right now.

Take that assessment for whatever it's worth at this point. But this was a fun upside play by the Broncos.

4. Gardner Minshew, Raiders

Believe it or not, Gardner Minshew made it to the Pro Bowl last year. I'm not sure how many guys had to drop out before he got added in, but that's something. He and Trevor Siemian are forever Pro Bowlers.

All kidding aside, Minshew has been one of the more underrated players at the quarterback position in recent years. Since coming into the league in 2019, he's thrown 59 touchdown passes compared to just 24 interceptions. After throwing nearly 500 passes last season for the Colts, however, it's clear to see that Minshew sort of just is what he is at this point. He's solid.

3. Bo Nix, Broncos

It's going to be fun to see what Bo Nix can do in his first year with Sean Payton in Denver. The Broncos used the 12th overall pick on Nix and clearly believe that he can step in right away and play. While Nix should be afforded the opportunity to fail forward as a rookie, he's been considered "pro-ready" and I think we're going to see that early on from him. He's in a great situation in Denver.

2. Justin Herbert, Chargers

When it comes to size, athleticism, and talent, Herbert might be on an island in the AFC West. He's a "five-tool" type of player at the quarterback position, but he hasn't been nearly as consistent or dominant as Patrick Mahomes. Still, the Chargers sleep well at night knowing they have Herbert on their roster. They are undoubtedly hoping that Jim Harbaugh can help him reach that next tier at the position.

1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

In today's NFL, Mahomes stands on a tier of his own at the quarterback position. When it comes to making game-altering plays, Mahomes is unrivaled. There is no other quarterback in the league that you would take over Mahomes right now. There's no one really even in the same conversation. There are QBs that can go toe to toe with Mahomes and the Chiefs, but he is the MVP for a reason.