Broncos rookie Marvin Mims wins weekly award after impressive game

Marvin MIms gets recognized after huge game against the Buffalo Bills

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

Despite not having much offensive action, rookie Marvin Mims was crucial for the Denver Broncos in their Monday Night Football win over the Buffalo Bills. To be specific, he had a huge performance on Special Teams.

Before the game, Mims was taking pictures with some fans, and this happened ...

Mims is right about what he said, but at the same time, he was saying it as a joke. He did not see much action offensively, as I mentioned before, but he was great as a kick and punt returner. Both touchdown drives started with big punt returns by Marvin.

To be specific, the Broncos' offense started the drive which ended in the Sutton toe-drag touchdown catch on their own 48-yard line, near midfield, thanks to a Mims' 17-yard punt return. In the fourth quarter, the rookie Mims had a 27-yard punt return, which made the offense start their drive in their own 46-yard line, also very close to midfield. That drive ended in the Javonte Williams touchdown reception.

Marvin Mims returned only one kickoff, and what a return it was. It was a 31-yard kick return just after Buffalo tied the game at 15 points. The offense did not take much advantage of Mims' return, they punted.

Following the Monday Night Football matchup against the Buffalo Bills, the NFL named Marvin Mims the Week 11 AFC Special Teams Player of the Week. Mims finished with 75 return yards. It was the first time since Justin Simmons in 2016 that a Broncos player was able to earn the award as a rookie.


Now, Mims and Simmons are the only Broncos to earn AFC Player of the Week awards in their respective phase of the game. Simmons won the Defensive Player of the Week after the week 8 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mims is 8th in kick return yards, and 2nd in punt return yards. He has been huge for the Denver Broncos.

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