Broncos NFL Free Agency Do-Over: Who they should have signed in 2024

Among the main free agency moves the Denver Broncos made, who should they have signed instead?
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The Denver Broncos have had an interesting free agency period, to say the least. Could they have made a few different free agency signings? Well, the answer is yes, they could have done differently, but whether you think that'd have been good or bad is your call. In my opinion, I do not hate what Denver did in free agency, but I believe they missed out on a good bit.

So, what we'll do is a free agency do-over with their most notable signings. Would the Broncos be in a better position if they'd have signed these players instead? Let's get into it.

1. Broncos should have signed CBs Jeff Okudah and CJ Henderson instead of S Brandon Jones

This is the most confusing move the Denver Broncos made, or didn't make. The cornerback position is more important to the defense than the safety spot, and after cutting Justin Simmons, the Broncos signed Brandon Jones to replace him. Jones got a three-year, $20 million deal worth $6.67 million per year with $11 million guaranteed.

Both Jeff Okudah and CJ Henderson signed with the Texans. Okudah got one-year, $4.75 million with $2.5 million guaranteed. Henderson got one-year, $2 million with just $500,000 guaranteed. The Broncos could have easily signed both Okudah an Henderson, not Jones, and could have saved millions of dollars.

I just don't understand Denver not adding to their CB room. The Broncos safeties without Jones in the picture would have been just fine, but there is a more urgent need at CB for the team.