2024 NFL Draft: Quarterback prospect is absolutely gushing over Sean Payton

There might not be anyone stopping this potential marriage.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Draft is a few short weeks away, and it's likely that the Denver Broncos do come away with a quarterback. Could one QB prospect already be wanting to come to Denver? If there is one player in the 2024 NFL Draft who wants to come to Denver, it's hard to imagine Bo Nix wouldn't want that the most:

This clip, which is 2:28 long, is mostly Bo Nix just gushing over Sean Payton and the type of offense that he's run in the NFL. Nix can be heard genuinely analyzing the ins and outs of the offense and why he thinks he'd succeed. Frankly, when you listen to this, it's hard to think that Bo Nix doesn't want to come to the Broncos.

He even connected what Sean Payton runs to what he did in college at Oregon. Could this be too good to be true? Bo Nix was on "RG3 and The Ones" a show presented by PrizePicks. You can watch the full interview below.

And folks, for those in Broncos Country who don't want the team to draft Nix, well, you might have to prepare for that to happen. And while Bo Nix isn't the most exciting prospect, that doesn't matter. What matters most in the NFL is not always going for the best athlete or most exciting prospect, but going for the player who'd fit the best with the scheme and culture.

Bo Nix has had to learn numerous offenses during his time between Auburn and Oregon. He's won at both schools and has played a ton of football. He does things well that Sean Payton calls for in his offenses. Sure, having Drake Maye on the Broncos might end up as the more exciting option, but the Broncos might not be able to land Maye, or someone like Jayden Daniels either.


However, when you listen to Bo Nix talk about Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos, it's hard to not get a little bit excited.

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