Broncos making "football decision" to go to Jarrett Stidham over Russell Wilson

Sean Payton talked about the offensive struggles following the loss against the Patriots on Christmas Eve ... now a quarterback change was announced ...

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Denver Broncos are making a change at the quarterback position for Sunday's game against the Chargers at home, and for the final game of the season against the Raiders on the road. Despite the Broncos still having a chance not only to make the Playoffs but to win the AFC West division.

Now it will be Jarrett Stidham, the new starting quarterback, and Russell Wilson as the backup.

A reason for Denver benching Russell Wilson is money. Wilson already has guaranteed money for the 2024 season, to be specific $39 million, but here is the catch of the contract ... if he gets injured during the final two games of the season (a big injury), his contract will guarantee him $37 million in 2025, besides the $39M.

With the above being said, it means that the Broncos will not risk potentially giving Wilson those extra $37 million if they end up moving on from him, or even if they stick with him.

Following the announcement of Stidham being named the new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, something interesting was revealed by multiple media sources ...

"It was a football decision"

Following the disastrous loss against the New England Patriots on Christmas Eve, head coach Sean Payton addressed the media, very dissappointed with his offense.

It is very understandable and not a surprise that the decision of Denver to bench Russell Wilson was because of football reasons. You simply cannot lose a 'must-win' game at home on national television, against one of the worst teams in the NFL this season, as the New England Patriots, who had a 3-11 win-loss record before the game against the Broncos.

Denver is 1-3 in the past four games with 17, 24 (win), 17, and 23 points in those games.


Russell Wilson has had highs and lows so far during his career with the Broncos. Nothing easy after changing teams for the very first time in his NFL career. He has had a bounce-back season with Sean Payton following the Nathaniel Hackett disaster last season. Likely, his time in Denver is over, but with the decision being a "football decision", I would not rule out a contract restructure and keeping him in Denver one more year with a rookie quarterback for the 2024-2025 season. Who knows?

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