Bleacher Report projects new massive contract for Broncos WR Courtland Sutton

Are the Broncos and Sutton close to a new contract agreement?
Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos and star wide receiver Courtland Sutton have yet to agree on a new re-worked contract as the team quickly approaches their mandatory minicamp on June 11th. Hypothetically, if Sutton were to not show up for the team's mandatory practices, he could collect up to $100K in fines while holding out for his new contract.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler recently reported that the veteran receiver was looking for a small salary bump of around $2M-3M in the remaining two years of his four-year, $60.8M contract. Sutton is coming off a 10-touchdown season with just under 800 receiving yards on 59 receptions. With recent massive contract extensions being handed out around the league to players like Miami's Jaylen Waddle and Minnesota's Justin Jefferson, it only makes sense that Sutton is seeking a pay raise after establishing himself as arguably the league's most talented contested catch receiver and potentially even best red zone threat.

Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox recently released an article projecting contract extensions for top receivers around the NFL and projected a two-year, $35M extension for Sutton including a whopping $25M guaranteed. This would certainly make Sutton a very happy man. However, is an extension of this magnitude all that realistic?

The increase in guaranteed money would certainly be the most attractive asset of the new contract for Sutton and his agent. Sutton, who is only scheduled to earn $2M in 2024 guaranteed money, would have a $23M increase in guarantees in this projected extension. It is also important to question, is Sutton even looking for a contract extension? The general belief around the holdout situation is that he is seeking more money in immediate guarantees and base salary in the final two years of his contract.

Broncos head coach Sean Payton stated in his most recent press conference that he does expect Sutton to return for mandatory minicamp next week, but further stated that a return is not guaranteed. Therefore, a re-worked contract could very well be arriving within the next week or so.