Sean Payton provides latest update on Courtland Sutton situation with Broncos

How much longer will WR Courtland Sutton continue his holdout?
Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton continues to work out away from the team's facility and hold out as he seeks a reworked contract. While some have speculated that Sutton is either seeking a trade out of Denver or simply asking for a new contract extension, this does not appear to be the case at all. Considering only $2M of his $13M base salary in 2024 is guaranteed, Sutton is searching for more temporary financial security in the remaining years of his contract.

When speaking to the media on Thursday afternoon, head coach Sean Payton mentioned that the situation with Courtland Sutton will "sort itself out". Considering the seriousness of the situation, it was an interesting response to how he believes the scenario will unfold between both sides. However, it is important to note that Payton typically is very blunt and honest about these topics.

Despite there not appearing to be much optimism between Denver's front office and wide receiver Courtland Sutton, Payton did refer to the veteran wideout as a "tremendous worker" and the "leader of our team". Two clear indications that Payton does value Sutton's worth in the building and locker room. However, at the end of the day, will this be enough to convince themselves into rewarding Sutton with additional guaranteed money on top of the amount he is already earning?

Sutton, 28, is coming off a season where he produced just 772 receiving yards as the team's alpha receiver in the room. Not only are these numbers below league average for a starting wideout, but the same goes for his rankings in separation at the position. According to Player Profiler, in 2023, Sutton ranked 68th in target separation and 72nd in average cushion among wide receivers in the NFL—pretty horrendous numbers for a No. 1 option at wide receiver.


On the flip side, despite not producing a ton of separation, Sutton does clearly hold the title of the best contested-catch receiver in the NFL and probably even the best red zone threat in the NFL. As a result, the Broncos will likely add some extra guaranteed money to his contract and ensure his security of a roster spot because if they choose not to, his contract, as it currently stands, makes it very easy for Denver to rid him off the books via trade.

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