AFC West: Ranking the offensive lines heading into the 2023 season

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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The Denver Broncos added a ton of talent to their offensive line in the 2023 offseason. Where does their unit rank among their division foes heading into 2023? One unit that I am so excited to see is their offensive line. I've always been a huge fan of the big guys up front.

Denver has struggled to field competent offensive lines, but their additions this offseason appear to be for the better. Adding Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey in free agency were great moves, and re-signing Cam Fleming was also a move that we aren't talking about enough.

What's also interesting is that the AFC West isn't exactly filled with exceptional OL play. Could the Denver Broncos have the best offensive line in the AFC West after all these years?

Let's rank the OL units in the AFC West, from worst to first.

AFC West: Ranking the offensive lines heading into the 2023 season
4. Las Vegas Raiders: K. Miller / D. Parham / A. James / A. Bars / J. Eluemunor

The Las Vegas Raiders not doing much to their offensive line in 2023 was certainly a choice. It's clearly the worst unit in the division, but their tackle duo of Kolton Miller and Jermain Eluemunor is as solid as it gets.

Their interior offensive line is filled with sub-par no-name players, and that'll likely be the weakness of the unit in 2023. Couple that with Jimmy Garoppolo as a significant downgrade from Derek Carr, and it's easy to see why this unit may not perform well in the coming season.

3. Los Angeles Chargers: R. Slater / Z. Johnson / C. Linsley / J. Salyer / T. Pipkins III

The Los Angeles Chargers do have a solid unit. Both Zion Johnson and Jamaree Salyer are young, encouraging players, and Rashawn Slater might be one of the seven best left tackles in the entire NFL. The Chargers are a lot like the Denver Broncos; having shaky offensive lines, and their weakness is on the right side with Trey Pipkins III.

However, having Justin Herbert in the backfield is going to take a lot of pressure off of this unit, and they'll likely end up playing better than they are because of that. The Chargers can't really do much to upgrade their OL for 2023.