AFC North Head Coach with one 'wish' for Jets at Broncos game

- Broncos host the Jets in Week 5.

- AFC North Head Coach with comments on the Hackett/Payton drama.

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October 8, 2023, is a day that many NFL fans are waiting for. The Denver Broncos will play at home in Empower Field at Mile High against the New York Jets, in week 5.

Nathaniel Hackett returns to Denver after an embarrassing 2022 season with the Broncos. Aaron Rodgers vs Russell Wilson. Robert Saleh vs Sean Payton.

Payton had an interview with USA Today where he talked about the team's performance in the 2022 season with Nathaniel Hackett, who is now the New York Jets offensive coordinator. Hackett was Broncos general manager George Paton's first head coach hire and did not end as he wanted. Hackett was a first-time head coach, a rookie head coach with the Broncos. He previously had multiple positions around NFL as an offensive assistant but was never a head coach.

Hackett, as the Broncos' head coach, became the fourth-ever head coach in NFL history to get fired before finishing his first season on the respective team. He was the Denver Broncos head coach for only 15 games and had a 4-11 win-loss record. He struggled with game management, clock management, and play calling, which ended up with Broncos' fans booing the team, counting the game clock, and leaving the stadium early in home games.

Multiple people around Hackett, including Jets' head coach Robert Saleh, former Broncos' OT Billy Turner, and new Jets' quarterback Aaron Rodgers, talked about the situation and defended Hackett. Hackett also spoke about the situation after the August 1st Jets' training camp practice.

An AFC North head coach, to be specific, Steelers' head coach Mike Tomlin spoke with well-known sportswriter Peter King about the situation. King was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show and told what Tomlin mentioned to him about the Hackett vs Payton drama.


King mentioned in the interview what Tomlin said, that he did not give a specific opinion on the situation, he just made a 'wish' regarding the Payton/Hackett drama.

""All I know is that I hope that game between the Broncos-Jets is on national TV, in a time where everybody can watch it because I want to watch that football game.""

Mike Tomlin via Peter King

Do you agree with Tomlin? Should the NFL move the Week 5 Broncos vs Jets game to Primetime for everyone to watch it?

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