5 prospects the Broncos may regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Did the Broncos make the right call passing on these guys?
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It's far too early to know whether or not the Denver Broncos made the right decisions in the 2024 NFL Draft. You certainly hope they made the right calls, especially given how crucial the decision was to pick Oregon quarterback Bo Nix with the 12th overall selection.

But are there players the Broncos might regret passing on? Absolutely. What can't really be factored into the equation at this stage is that certain guys are getting drafted into specific situations. They may thrive in one situation but whether or not they would thrive similarly in Denver is another story.

Still, we all have our preferences and convictions going into the NFL Draft every year. What players might the Broncos eventually regret passing on?

1. JJ McCarthy, QB, Vikings

Yes, JJ McCarthy went two picks ahead of the Denver Broncos at #10 overall, but they still passed on him. The Broncos could have traded up for McCarthy, but they didn't. Once we reached the 7th overall pick (Titans), it was clear that if the Broncos truly wanted McCarthy, they probably could have had him.

There's no way the Broncos couldn't have traded up to the 10th overall pick with the New York Jets, perhaps offering more than the Minnesota Vikings did at the time. The Vikings wanted McCarthy, and the Broncos didn't. Time will tell if the Broncos made the right choice there.