4 possible quarterback options for Denver Broncos in 2024

What will the Denver Broncos do with their QB room in 2024?

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The Denver Broncos quarterback situation could look the exact same in 2024, or it could look totally different. Let's take a look at four possible scenarios for them. Russell Wilson has played well this year, but I guess we don't know for sure whether or not he will return to the team next year. Sean Payton took this job to be the Broncos head coach, and immediately, people started saying that he's going to just keep Wilson around for one year and cut ties after this year.

Salary cap-wise, it's much easier to move on from Wilson after the 2024 season than it is now. It'd be a brutal financial burden next offseason, and the Broncos are currently not exactly in a prime position to draft a top QB prospect next year. If the team can at least scrape their way to a 9-8 record or a playoff berth, however, that looks, I think Payton brings his QB back.

Well, the Broncos are 6-6 and there are endless scenarios that can happen over the last five games of the season. Let's take a look at the four possible QB scenarios for the Denver Broncos in 2024.

Scenario 1: QB room looks the same in 2024

There is a scenario where Sean Payton might not want to tweak the quarterback room in 2024. Russell Wilson could end up going on a tear over the last five weeks, as the Broncos do face some pretty bad defenses. The Broncos could also win the rest of their games, make the playoffs, and win a playoff game. Payton simply might not have a reason to do much with the room in 2024 and could turn his attention elsewhere.

Backup QB Jarrett Stidham is also under contract for another season and Payton has spoken highly of him. I do think it would be encouraging to bring back both Russell Wilson and Jarrett Stidham in 2024, which would be their second year in Payton's offense. You'd have to think that this room can go nowhere but up unless Wilson self-implodes.