4 former Denver Broncos who will not be missed in the 2023 season

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The 2022 season is one to forget for the Denver Broncos. Who, from the 2022 season, will definitely not be missed in 2023? I think there are four obvious candidates for this ugly honor. The Denver Broncos' 2022 season was easily one of the worst in team history.

It's good that it's over, though, and legitimate change was brought in. Sean Payton is going to instill a winning football culture, and the personnel additions seem very encouraging. For varying reasons, these four men from the 2022 campaign and perhaps even before will surely not be missed as we head into the 2023 season.

4 former Denver Broncos who will not be missed in the 2023 season
1. Dre'Mont Jones, DL

The first player quickly become a fan favorite and was someone that many of us thought was going to be a long-term fixture on the team. The two sides obviously never got an agreement on a contract extension, and the Broncos decided to pivot to Zach Allen instead.

Both Allen and Dre'Mont Jones are about the same in terms of skill and impact, but Allen is the better pass rusher. What makes us not miss Jones at all is the apparent bad blood he has for the Denver Broncos, and him taking a likely cheaper deal that he would have gotten from another team to sign with the Seattle Seahawks.

It all just put a bad taste in my mouth, and I think many in the fan base are over Dre'Mont Jones and won't be missing him.