4 Broncos breakout candidates who could push team to contender status in 2024

The Denver Broncos 2024 season could go better than expected if a few players breakout.
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The Denver Broncos actually have a ton of young players on the roster, and some of them could boost the team to contender status in 2024. Don't look now, but the Denver Broncos are not as far away from contending as some think. Yes, most of that hinges on Bo Nix, but Nix has everything you want in a franchise QB.

If he can turn into a franchise QB, we'll probably notice that early in his NFL career. However, outside of Nix, there are 52 other players on the active roster, and these four might be able to help the Denver Broncos push into contender status if they have a breakout season.

Let's dive into the four most likely players.

1. Greg Dulcich, TE

The Denver Broncos have been missing a legitimate receiving threat at tight end for several years now. Greg Dulcich has a perfect profile to be that type of player for them, but his hamstrings have limited his ability to stay on the field. It's easy to see "if he can stay healthy...!" but that is truly the case.

I don't doubt that Dulcich can turn into a high-end receiving threat at the position if he does indeed stay healthy. Some players are able to shed the injuries, and maybe year three for Dulcich is going to be that year for him. He'd be targeted often in the passing game and would give Denver another viable weapon for Bo Nix to use.

2. Marvin Mims Jr, WR

Marvin Mims Jr was very explosive in his limited snaps as a wide receiver in 2023 but was an All-Pro returner. It's clear as to why Mims can make the jump in 2024, and with the Denver Broncos not having a true WR1 on the roster at the moment, Marvin Mims could slide into that role. This would make life for Bo Nix much easier and would give Denver the explosive playmaker on offense they have been missing.

We know what type of players Courtland Sutton, Josh Reynolds, and Tim Patrick are at this point, but Mims developing into a WR1 takes this offense to another level.