Broncos trying out an actual joker to try position switch at rookie minicamp

If the boot fits...
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Since Sean Payton got to Denver, everyone has been intrigued by the idea he presented of a "joker" role within his offense. That player was supposed to be Greg Dulcich -- and it still could be -- but the Broncos weren't able to rely on Dulcich to stay healthy last year and therefore the joker role itself remains elusive.

What in the world is a "joker"?

"We use the term ‘Joker’ where we can get matchups...The ‘Joker’ player for us is not a receiver. It’s either a running back or a tight end with exceptional ball skills and then you can work matchups. We’ve had that at the running back [position]. [Former Saints RB] Reggie Bush was the ‘Joker,’ [former Saints RB] Darren Sproles and [Saints RB] Alvin Kamara. Those were all unique players, not just in the running game, but they had passing game skill sets that allowed you to do multiple things...""

Sean Payton (via Broncos PR)

It's a longshot, but the Denver Broncos are bringing in a literal joker to try out a position switch at their rookie minicamp this week.

The guy's name is Jester and the Broncos are trying him out as a fullback/offensive weapon. I mean, come on. This is incredible.

The Broncos definitely aren't going in blind on this one, either. There's vision to this possibility that dates back to a year ago when Jester worked out as both a defensive end and fullback at Princeton's pro day. The Broncos had a contingent at last year's Princeton pro day and wound up actually signing offensive lineman Henry Byrd as one of their priority guys in last year's UDFA class.

Jester signed with the Rams, but is obviously still available, and the Broncos may have been waiting for the chance to see him in this capacity for quite some time. If multiple NFL teams are trying him out in this capacity, then Jester obviously showed something at his pro day and on tape to indicate that there might be some longevity to his skills offensively.

A 6-foot-4, 250-pound athlete who has explosive traits, good speed, and physicality? Again, this is the longshot of all longshots -- Jester is coming in for a tryout at minicamp. But the storyline is intriguing and the possibility of having a player on Sean Payton's roster with the name "Jester" is just too fun.