Hatred for Broncos causing NFL masses to ignore Raiders' horrendous offseason

No one is talking about the Raiders' awful offseason
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders have a stretch of success against the Denver Broncos right now dating back to the 2020 season -- eight straight victories against the Broncos who have simply not been able to find the winning formula against their division foes. Understanding the success the Raiders have had against the Broncos over the last 4-5 years, it doesn't change one simple fact: The Raiders have had an incredibly bad offseason in 2024, and no one is talking about it.

The problem is, so many talking heads and so-called "experts" are having way too much fun at the expense of the Denver Broncos. It's been pathetic, really, especially considering the Broncos (like the Raiders) won eight games last year. Call it misery loving company if you want, but it's time to point out the facts.

It all started early in the offseason when the Raiders had more time than just about anyone to conduct a head coach search. Antonio Pierce had his guys playing well late last season, but I don't know that anyone really thought Pierce would get the full-time gig after the Raiders' decision to fire Josh McDaniels last year.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, their best defensive player reportedly blackmailed the team into keeping Pierce as the head coach despite the fact that coaches like Bill Belichick, Mike Vrabel, Jim Harbaugh, and a host of others with head coach experience. Even if you think the Raiders would have been scared off by the likes of Belichick or Vrabel due to the Josh McDaniels experience, it's hard to argue that the decision not to pursue Jim Harbaugh -- at the very least -- was a curious one.

The Raiders are fully buying into the 5-4 finish the team had under Pierce last year, and while it's undeniable that the team was tough and played well for Pierce, they also had the wind of firing Josh "Wicked Witch of the West" in their sails. That added momentum is gone in 2024. How long will it be before the media is questioning the Raiders for passing on two future Hall of Fame coaches and a recent NFL coach of the year?

After hiring Pierce, the Raiders' big move at quarterback this offseason -- now a full year removed from cutting Derek Carr -- was to sign Gardner Minshew. Now, Gardner Minshew has had his moments in the NFL. He was solid last year for the Indianapolis Colts in place of the injured Anthony Richardson, and he did a decent job in his time as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But the Raiders paid Minshew $25 million over the next two years and are likely going to have to bank on him as their full-time starter in 2024. Why?

Because the Raiders got left out of the quarterback dance in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Six of the top 12 overall picks were quarterbacks, and there were heavy rumors that the Raiders wanted to draft Washington's Michael Penix Jr. The Atlanta Falcons took him off the board with the 8th overall pick, and the Raiders were left without a date at the 2024 NFL Draft. They ended up drafting Georgia playmaker Brock Bowers, a really good player, but it's clear the Raiders missed out on their top QB targets in this class: Jayden Daniels and Michael Penix Jr.

The Raiders passed on some great head coach candidates and were blackmailed into doing so by their star defensive player. They missed out on quarterbacks entirely. Josh Jacobs left for the Packers in free agency. They've done absolutely nothing to upgrade their cornerback position. They signed Michael Gallup, for goodness' sake.

It hasn't been all bad for the Raiders, who landed Christian Wilkins in free agency -- one of the top defensive players in the class.

But on the whole, it's hilarious that the talking heads want to pay more attention to what the Denver Broncos are doing by comparison.