3 worst moves of the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL offseason

What are the three worst moves of the Denver Broncos 2024 offseason?
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The Denver Broncos largely had a very strong offseason, but that did not come without a few notable mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect offseason, but the Broncos' offseason does seem to be a good one. They made some of the more bold moves when they cut Russell Wilson and drafted Bo Nix with the 12th overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft.

In free agency, Denver made much more modest moves than they did last offseason, when they threw three huge contracts at Zach Allen, Ben Powers, and Mike McGlinchey. They were smarter with their funds this offseason and clearly did that to handle the dead cap with Russell Wilson's contract as responsibly as possible.

Let's look at the Broncos three worst moves of the 2024 NFL offseason.

3 worst moves of the Denver Broncos 2024 NFL offseason

No splash signing along the defensive line

You might not want to hear it, but the Denver Broncos absolutely had the ability to make a splash move in free agency, and they should have done it along the defensive line, the most important position to fill besides the QB. In order to win in today's NFL, teams must have a franchise QB and have a strong ability to get to the QB.

There were a ton of names on the free agent market along the defensive line that the Broncos could have sprung on. Players like Christian Wilkins, Jonathan Greenard, Arik Armstead, Justin Jones, Sheldon Rankins, Danielle Hunter, and DJ Reader would have been a huge upgrade along the DL for Denver.

Going into the offseason, they had one viable starter along the DL in Zach Allen. They did swing a very exceptional deal in trading for DE John Franklin-Myers, but the previous names I just mentioned are a tier or two above Myers, who is still a plus starter nonetheless.