Bo Nix being "NFL ready" might be a horrible thing for the Denver Broncos

It might not be a great thing if Bo Nix is already NFL ready.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

We've heard some within the Denver Broncos organization say that Bo Nix is ahead of his peers and is NFL-ready, but is that actually a bad thing? It very well could be. No matter how good Bo Nix could fit in the Denver Broncos offense, it's not outrageous to suggest that his ceiling isn't the highest, simply because he's not a top-tier athlete and doesn't have a top-tier arm.

Here's George Paton speaking about his first-round quarterback selection:

""To me, the age, they're going to be more, especially with a guy like Bo Nix, 61 starts, we feel like he'll be more game-ready than if we were going to draft a 21-year-old.""

George Paton

But why would this be a bad thing? If you look back at the recent history of the NFL Draft and the QB position, it tells a story you might not expect. Do we all remember what guys like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson were called in the draft process?


They called them raw; their drat profiles labeled them as raw projects. That's simply a fact. Well, years later, you could argue that the trio just mentioned are the three best passers in football. What about other players at the position who were labeled the total opposite as "NFL-ready" or "Day1 starter."

Those were guys like Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, and Baker Mayfield, among others. Well, Rosen isn't in the NFL. Darnold has been a backup in recent years, and Mayfield is the 19th-best QB in the NFL right now. You see, recent history would tell us that some of the NFL-ready players maybe came into the NFL having already hit their ceiling.

And the players who were dubbed as more raw prospects ended up being the best at their position. Could this give Bo Nix an uphill battle in the NFL? Has Nix already hit his ceiling? Only time will tell.