3 ways the Denver Broncos won the 2023 NFL offseason

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The Denver Broncos made a ton of changes organizationally in the 2023 NFL offseason, and these three moves stick out as proof of why the Broncos won the offseason. Winning the offseason is totally subjective and does not mean a team is going to win a ton of games in the coming season.

However, it's hard to ignore the changes Denver made and not get excited about how promising this team looks. Between investing a ton into the free agent market and coming away with a solid draft class, Denver looks set up for now and in the future. The biggest X-factor is Russell Wilson. He will make or break this team.

The hope is that Sean Payton can work his magic with Wilson. He was able to get a ton of production out of a late-career Drew Brees, who was significantly less talented than Wilson as a QB, so I have faith that he can do wonders with Russell Wilson, an efficient passer and Hall of Famer.

Was bringing in Sean Payton the best move of the offseason? There's a strong argument for it. Let's cover the three reasons why the Broncos won the 2023 NFL offseason.

3 ways the Denver Broncos won the 2023 NFL offseason

1. Shoring up the offensive line

No matter how a team wins a Super Bowl, they don't win it without having a strong offensive line. This has been true for some time now. Games in the NFL are won in the trenches, and not having a strong offensive line makes the offense weak and inefficient. Fortunately, the Broncos invested a good bit of money into the offensive line this offseason.

Signing Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey to deals exceeding $100 million was certainly expensive, but it was a needed investment for the team that gave up the most sacks in the NFL last year. With Garett Bolles returning to the lineup and Quinn Meinerz turning into one of the NFL's best guards, this OL unit can be elite in 2023.

The Broncos look like a team that can win the line of scrimmage most weeks, which bodes well for their success in 2023.