5 facts about Denver Broncos HC Sean Payton you didn't know

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Sean Payton is one of the best coaches of the last 25 years of NFL football. Almost immediately upon his arrival in New Orleans with the Saints, Payton established a winning culture and in time -- even with bumps along the road -- he would become the winningest coach in Saints franchise history as well as one of the top 25 all-time winningest head coaches in NFL history.

His career winning percentage of .631 is tied for 23rd-best all-time with Curly Lambeau. His winning percentage is 5th-best among active NFL coaches with more than 50 games coached (sorry, Matt LaFleur). Only five active NFL coaches have more career playoff wins than Payton. He was the 2006 NFL coach of the year. Between 2006-2021, Payton had just three offenses rank outside the top 10 in scoring, and two of them ranked 11th and 12th.

Only twice did Sean Payton ever have offenses in New Orleans rank outside the top 9. One of those two non-top-10 offenses ranked 12th in the league in yards.

In terms of NFL coaches, I think it's fair to say that Sean Payton is a living legend. And some of those facts, you may have already known about him. But what might you not already know about Sean Payton? There are some interesting facts about him personally that may pique your interest...

5 unique, interesting facts about Denver Broncos HC Sean Payton

1. Sean Payton has a Jordan Brand endorsement deal

You may have seen Sean Payton rocking Air Jordan Retro sneakers for years and years, but did you know the basketball GOAT himself informed Payton that he wanted him to become the first coach endorsed by Jumpman?

How's this for a first interaction with Michael Jordan?

"Michael just built a [golf] course down in Florida, and I had a chance to tour it. And he was just finishing a round and I had never met him. He said, ‘I’m gonna make you my first Jordan coach.’ And I was kinda like, ‘Huh?’ And sure enough, two weeks later, I get this email. Yeah, so, it’s Jumpman right now."

Sean Payton (via ESPN, 2020)

This is not a slight Jordan Brand hobby Sean Payton has going on. Payton is deep in the Sneakerhead realm with some of the shoes he's rocking these days...

This man has golfed in Concord Jordan 11s...

It's going to be fun to see what Jordan Brand shoes Payton shows up in basically on a daily basis. Broncos Country has certainly taken note of his shoe game and it's become a discussion point just about every time he makes an appearance at this point.

For all my fellow sneakerheads out there, let us bask in the fact that the Denver Broncos' head coach will be keeping us entertained with his shoe selection on a daily basis.