3 veterans the Denver Broncos should keep at NFL trade deadline

Which veterans should the Broncos hang on to at the NFL trade deadline?
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As the 2023 NFL trade deadline nears (October 31), the Denver Broncos are moving deeper and deeper into a selling mode. The team enters their Thursday Night Football game with a 1-4 record, and their season is effectively over. However, the Broncos are now turning to younger players and developing more homegrown talent to be part of a new and revamped core.

However, veteran knowledge can be a strong learning tool for young players who are growing into their careers, and certain veterans are still strong players and be a useful part of a new core. Here are three players the Broncos should not trade at the 2023 trading deadline.

3 veteran players the Denver Broncos should NOT trade

1) Justin Simmons

For numerous reasons, the Broncos should hold onto Justin Simmons through the 2023 trade deadline. For one, Simmons is effectively the heart and soul of the Denver Broncos. Simmons has been a Bronco since bursting into the league in 2016 and has been a fixture in the Denver secondary ever since. Simmons has re-upped in Denver to stay through the 2024 season. Simmons, who turns 30 on November 19th, is in his eighth season. Simmons has brought in 27 interceptions and started in every game from 2018 through 2021. Simmons is a multi-year captain of the Broncos and has embraced the city of Denver.

Simmons is also still playing at a strong level for Denver. Simmons graded out at a 70.7 Pro Football Focus grade in 2022, ranking him as the 23rd-best safety in football. Considering the injuries that the Broncos have faced in their secondary in the early going, the Broncos would be better suited with Simmons than without, especially considering the return for him might not be what fans might expect.

Simmons is still only 29 and has some more years ahead of him. Considering that Kareem Jackson is in his final years, Caden Stearns can't stay healthy, and the unproven nature of other players such as Delarrin Turner-Yell, JL Skinner, and PJ Locke, keeping a plus player and team captain like Simmons around will do the Broncos well.