3 things Steelers fans should brace for with new quarterback Russell Wilson

Prepare yourselves, Steelers fans.
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are the latest team to attempt to deploy the Russell Wilson experience, but they should brace themselves accordingly. Finally, the Denver Broncos rid themselves of the past. Russell Wilson was not going to do the Broncos any good being on the team any longer.

The Broncos made the right move when they released him, but that isn't without an NFL-record $85 million in dead cap, which will be spread out over two seasons. It's a hefty price to pay, and additionally, the Broncos are paying Wilson nearly $40 million to not be on the team in 2024.

No matter how you slice it, Denver was simply ready to move on. Now, Russell Wilson can convince Steelers fans that he still has something left in the tank and could try and stick it to his old team. Well, Steelers fans, you need to brace for these three things with Russell Wilson.

3 things Steelers fans should brace for with new quarterback Russell Wilson

1. A ton of sacks

Like, a ton. Across his NFL regular season career, Russell Wilson has taken a whopping 527 sacks in 188 games. If we do the math, that brings his total sacks taken per game to 2.8. Over a 17-game season, Wilson takes 48 sacks. Forty-eight.

He took 100 total sacks in just 30 games, which is 3.33 sacks per game. That number is 57 over a 17-game season. However you slice it, Russell Wilson is probably going to take around 50 sacks in 2024 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, given he starts the entire season.

A lot of wasted downs are coming to the Steel City, and that is just who the QB is and who he has always been. Given that he is a year older and is heading to a team with a poor offensive line. The Broncos' offensive line in 2023 was quite good on paper, but the Steelers' OL in 2024 might not be able to say the same thing.