3 statistics that will make or break the Denver Broncos 2024 season

The Denver Broncos need to be "plus" in these statistics if they want to succeed in 2024.
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2. Rushing Yards

The Denver Broncos need to run the snot out of the ball in 2024. A rookie QB should be handled carefully, as it may take them a good bit of time to adapt to the NFL level. What many teams do is rely heavily on their rushing attack to take some early pressure off the QB. They'll gradually put more on the QB's plate until he's developed.

In 2023, Denver ran for the 18th-most rushing yards in the NFL. They were tied for the second-least rushing touchdowns with just eight, and rushed for four yards per carry, which ranked 21st. All in all, Denver's run game wasn't that good. In 2024, the Broncos need to bump these numbers up. They figure to lean on the rushing attack more if Bo Nix plans on starting Week 1.

Another added bonus in having a strong rushing attack is that it typically eats more time off the clock, so the longer the Broncos can keep the ball from their opponents, the better. Denver being able to extend drives with their run game will prove crucial in 2024.

3. Penalties

The Denver Broncos were called for the 19th-most penalties during the 2023 NFL Season, which also means they were called for the 14th-least. This is a solid spot to be in, and it should be bare minimum for 2024 and beyond. Back before Garett Bolles figured out how to play left tackle, how many times did the Broncos have a drive stall out due to a holding call on 72?

Those types of back-breaking penalties are going to hurt any team, but they'll especially hurt an offense with a young group of players. Getting out of their own way and playing sound football is going to be key. The Broncos offense doesn't have to light up the scoreboard in 2024 by any means, but Denver could adopt a "death by a thousand cuts" mindset and just wear down their opponents with a strong run game with little penalties.

If the Denver Broncos find themselves in favorable situations in 2024 with their turnover margin, rushing yards, and penalties, they'll be a good team.