3 reasons why the Denver Broncos will be an improved team in the 2024 season

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The Denver Broncos were a solid football team in the 2023 NFL Season. Could they make the jump and be better in 2024? Nothing says they cannot. In fact, I do believe that as we get closer to the 2024 NFL Season, many talking heads across the NFL world will peg the Denver Broncos as a sleeper or breakout team.

They may have a strong duo at coach and quarterback, which is the engine that drives teams to success. Denver also made some obvious roster upgrades along the defensive line, in the secondary, and at wide receiver. Heck, don't forget about replacing Russell Wilson with Bo Nix.

Do the Denver Broncos have what it takes to be an improved football team in 2024?

3 reasons why the Denver Broncos will be an improved team in the 2024 season

Upgrade at quarterback

Is this too soon? I don't think so. Bo Nix is a near-perfect fit for the Denver Broncos and is going to be an upgrade over Russell Wilson. Wilson, at this point in his career, is a one-dimensional QB. He's not someone who can play on time and simply does not throw to the middle of the field.

He's got adequate mobility at this point and can still throw the deep ball, but he is way beyond his prime. Bo Nix comes into the NFL having made over 60 collegiate starts and having excelled at what Sean Payton likes his quarterbacks to do. He's already earning nice reviews during this first part of the Broncos offseason.

And there is nothing to say Bo Nix can't play extremely well in 2024. If he can play on time and in rhythm, Denver's offense is going to be a very efficient unit. They might not put up 30 points a game, but an improvement from last season is very much on the table.